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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Therapeutic Touch with Sue Conlin

Basic Therapeutic Touch March 17th and 18th, 2012

Kingsway Village Apartments Schenectady, NY

Therapeutic Touch (TT) is a healing therapy based on the scientific assumption that matter and energy are both vibrations, and are essentially the same. In this workshop you will learn about the human energy field and TT. You will have many opportunities to practice, and to discover new things about yourself. Each day will be filled with discussion, meditation and experiential exercises. Sue Conlin is a Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teacher (QTTT), credentialed by Nurse Healers Professional Associates International, Inc. the educational arm of Therapeutic Touch International Association (TTIA). She has been practicing TT for more than 20 years, and teaching for over 14 years. She studies regularly with Dolores Krieger, PhD RN, co-founder of TT. Sue is President of Therapeutic Touch International Association.

Purpose: To introduce Therapeutic Touch as a healing therapy.

Prerequisite required: None

Objectives: Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

¨ Discuss the historical development of Krieger/Kunz TT.

¨ Define Therapeutic Touch

¨ Discuss the scientific basis for Therapeutic Touch

¨ Describe the effects of TT

¨ Define the phases of Therapeutic Touch

¨ Identify the assumptions underlying the practice of TT

¨ Practice centering

¨ Define intentionality

¨ Discuss modulation in its various forms

¨ Identify ethical concepts in practice of TT

¨ Document the practice of TT

¨ Demonstrate the practice of TT

Kingsway Village Apartments 5000 Queen Philomena Drive Schenectady, NY

March 17th and 18th, 2012 9:30 AM—4:00 PM

Class Fee $145.00

Includes snacks, beverages and lunches, as well as all class materials

$95.00 for Community Hospice Volunteers & employees, students, repeat participants, or call Sue for more info


To register please fill out and return by March 9th with your check for $10.00 (part of the total fee) to:

Sue Conlin, QTTT, Therapeutic Touch Training, P.O. Box 138, Warnerville, NY 12187-0138

Contact Sue at or call 518-234-2035 for more information

Name: ________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________________ ST: ________ Zip: ___________________

Phone #: __________________________________ Cell: ______________________________________

E-mail: ________________________________________________________________________________

Other energy therapies studied: __________________________________________________________

Spring 2012 Basic KW Please make checks payable to Sue Conlin

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Services Sunday January 15th

We'll see you all Sunday at 11am for thanks to Great Spirit. Bring a dish to share later if you would like. 554 Gates Hill, Middleburgh

Everyone present will receive a healing!

Up at the house on Gates Hill (not the chapel building).  Call with questions: 518-827-6123

Sunday 1/15

We'll see you all Sunday at 11am for thanks to Great Spirit. Bring a dish to share later if you would like. 554 Gates Hill, Middleburgh

Everyone present will receive a healing!

Up at the house on Gates Hill (not the chapel building). Call with questions: 518-827-6123

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Big Changes!

 Chapel services will commence on Sunday January 15,2012. They will be held at the house on the hill, not the chapel building in Middleburgh. The address is 554 Gates Hill Road it is 2.5 miles up from rt 145 (white house, purple door on the left side at the sharp turn) Please go around to the back deck to enter. 518-827-6123 There will be a feast to follow. We will drum, sing, dance, pray and give thanks.

If you know of anyone, preferably a nonprofit organization that would like to purchase the chapel building please let us know. It was not touched by the flood; we just feel a calling to bring everything up to the sacred mountain.

We will be changing the name slightly to encompass more things. We will now be known as the Native American Spiritualist Community Center. EVERYONE is welcome, you do not need to be Native American. There will be many good changes in 2012, please plan to be a part of them!

Aho! God Bless!

Revs. Bob and Peggi Meunier

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Message Circle Friday Oct. 7th

Open Message Circle!

The First Friday of the Month is here again!

Join us in a peaceful, relaxing, safe circle where we will communicate with loved ones who have crossed to the other side.

Speak with loved ones, guides, teachers, even your pets!

Relax with a guided meditation to get you into the “spirit” of the evening.

As we reach closer to All Hallows Eve the veil between the two worlds becomes thin which makes it easier to connect with spirit.

This circle is open to the public at a cost of only a $7.00 donation to the Chapel.

You are guaranteed a message from one of our experienced mediums.

The Native American Community Spiritualist Chapel

Corner of Wells Ave and Main Street in Middleburgh NY
phone 827-6123

Please arrive by 7pm as seats tend to fill quickly. Bring your friends and feel free to pass this message to others who may be interested. Peace and Light!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Email List

If you know of someone that would like to be on our informational email list, please have them send in their email address and we will add them on.  The list "help address" is:

Rev.Peggi and Bob

Native American Community Spiritualist Chapel

and the Spirit-Path Center.

Healing/Services Sunday Oct 2nd

Healing Sunday October 2nd at 11am.

Join us for services followed by healing from

experienced TT healers.

Everyone is welcome!

The Native American Community Spiritualist Chapel

Corner of Wells Ave and Main St, Middleburgh NY

Healing the world, one person at a time!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fundraiser for Schoharie Flood Victims

There will be a fund raising event for the flood victims of Irene and Lee on
Saturday 10/1 at the Altamont Apple Orchard.

This is in conjunction with the Guilderland Chamber. Admission is free. There will be an “Old Car” contest as well as a “soup” contest among other things. There will be news coverage also.

Please stop in to show your support. The event starts at 10am on Saturday.

Thank you!

Please tell your friends.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Circle/Seance Friday 8/5/2011

Time to commune with your loved ones and guides on the other side of life!

Friday August 5th at 7pm

The NACSC 104 Wells Ave Middleburgh

Starts at 7pm and only $7.00

Message Circle/Séance

Call 827-6123 or 944-1817 for info

Everyone is guaranteed a message. Relax with a guided meditation and feel the healing energy our circles bring in. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who may be interested.

Seats fill fast so please be prompt.

Peace and light!