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Monday, August 02, 2010

Psychic Development 1

You asked for it!


There will be an
intensive 3 day Psychic Dev 1 class
held on

Friday Aug 20 from 6 to 9, Saturday Aug 21 from 11 to 4, and
Sunday Aug 22 from 11 to 3.


 This will be an
intense workshop so be prepared to learn!

At the end of the Psy
Dev 1 workshop you will be able to attend Psychic Dev 2 and all the free
development circles that are held on Thursday evenings.

You will know how to
distinguish between your “imagination” and the messages spirit is
sending you.

 You will know
how to conduct yourself in a message circle.

You will know how to
meditate, meet your spirit guide, and do spiritual healing.

You will know how to
do psychometry and you will know what all the “clairs” are.

You will know how to
protect yourself from negative energies and

bring in only the “good
and positive” forces.

 You will learn
about and how to use the “White Light”.

You will learn to
follow your sixth sense and you will learn so much more!

As I said, this will
be intense.


The cost of this
workshop is $75 and includes all of your written materials and snacks and
coffee or tea.

At the completion of
the class you will be given a certificate of completion

For Psychic
Development I from NASCC.


You need no prior
experience, this is a beginning Psychic Dev class.


Please contact 827-6123 or 944-1819 for
more info and to hold your spot.

The workshop will be held at the Native
American Spiritualist Community Chapel

104 Wells Ave, Middleburgh NY


Feel free to
forward this message to those you think may be interested.



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